Abiola Agoro is a multi-faceted student who works as an entrepreneur, political consultant, designer, and social activist.

Abiola started her own clothing and personal styling business at the age of nine, later opening a brick and mortar store at the age of fourteen during her freshman year of high-school. As the business outgrew it physical location, F&M boutique was expanded into Styled by Ola. Styled by Ola has an online storefront and travels across the US hosting Pop-Up Shops and styling clients. Abiola uses a combination of design, resale, and handcrafting with Styled by Ola to offer a solution for any client need. Abiola has participated in multiple Prom Dress Giveaways in the last few years in partnership with her business.

Abiola Agoro is a Texas native and politics expert, volunteering on her first campaign at the age of 9. Abiola works as a political consultant and an image consultant for campaigns crafting the perfect image for her clients to help them succeed in their elections. Abiola has worked in the political field for years with numerous campaigns and has lead Social Media teams in local elections. She serves as a political consultant and image consultant for campaigns, helping to craft their messaging. Furthermore, as a freshman and sophomore at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., Abiola furthered her political experience by interning for political leaders such as Senator Amy Klobuchar and Gun-Violence Prevention Advocate Gabby Giffords. Abiola also serves as the Millennial Division Chair for the Regional Women’s Chamber of North Texas.

Abiola has worked with her local NAACP Chapter at home for years and continued her NAACP involvement in college as the George Washington University NAACP Chapter President. Abiola won her election for President as a freshman and lead the chapter from a series of dormant years into the most involved year the chapter had seen. Abiola implemented a panel series called the “Civil Rights Panel Series” which had 130+ attendees. Panelist in the series included Representative Sheila Jackson Lee, Attorney Kacey Mordecai, CNN Analyst Paris Dennard, Activist Sam White, other DC College NAACP Chapter presidents, and Professors and local public servants. The GW Chapter also lead groups over to the March for Black Women and in the March for Our Lives and helped marchers navigate the city.

Abiola also significantly increased the presence of her NAACP chapter in the DC community and on her previous college campus. In February of 2018, when a racist snapchat post was made by a campus sorority member, GW NAACP lead the charge by releasing a list of demands and recommendations and discussing them with local news outlets. Two of three demands were met and two of five recommendations were also implemented after meetings with the University President and administration. Furthermore, GW NAACP lead on campus meetings with GW community members about the incident and brought together various racial groups on campus that will advocate for one another in years to come. GW NAACP now receives invitations for involvement with on campus groups and invitations for commentary from DC leaders and news media. Abiola also increased GW NAACP’s Social media presence by doubling Facebook followers from 200 to 485 and increasing post reach from 200 to 9,000 people. Abiola won the College Activist of the Year Award from the NAACP’s Youth and College Division

Abiola is the Millennial Division Chair for Regional Women’s Chamber of North Texas and a board member of the Kalief Browder Foundation. Abiola works with numerous non-profits across North Texas to bring clothing to young boys and girls in need. Abiola also serves as an event coordinator for non-profits, political campaigns, and advocacy groups.

Abiola will be beginning a research assistant position this year. She intends to pursue her JD after receiving her Masters of Philosophy with the intentions of going into Mind-Brain research and criminal law. She is the daughter of Dr. Adesubomi and Kimberly Agoro and a Fort Worth, Texas native.

To book Abiola for any media appearances or press inquiries, please email press@theabiola.com.